The Chick Tracts App is God’s App

chick tract baphomet

I love Chick Tracts. The amusing, often times racist, sexist, and homophobic cartoon creations by Jack Chick are one of this country’s greatest national treasures. For over 50 years, Jack T. Chick has created pocket-sized evangelical cartoon tracts depicting people in everyday situations being told they’re going to hell by some christian do-gooder and either repenting and receiving a Heaven mansion, or scoffing at the Lord Almighty and being sentenced to a lake of fire by a vengeful God who talks like an angry pirate.  chick tracts

Having been to the Chick Publications store in Ontario, California at least a half dozen times, I can attest to the fact that they’ve touched on nearly every cultural archetype of the last four decades. Know a 70s king pimp? There’s a tract for that. Know a 90s Hispanic cholo? There’s a tract for that guy too. Bikers, feminists, geeks, musicians, evolutionists, commies, bankers, skanks, and Scieontologists have all been saved by the good word. And often times in a very sudden, implausible manner:


The problem I’ve always had with Chick Tracts is that I can only fit so many in my pocket. Luckily, the folks at Chick Publications have developed an app, available for Android and iPhone devices. Each version features a handful of Chick classics “This Was Your Life!” “Big Daddy?”, and “Is Allah Like You?”. I was really hoping for “Gomez is Coming“. I guess I’ll just have to wait.

Check out the artwork in “The Last Generation“. It’s like looking at storyboards for what could be the greatest child acting gig since Damien.


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