“NATIONAL TALK LIKE BANE DAY” To Poison Your Soul With Hope


“NATIONAL TALK LIKE BANE DAY” To Poison Your Soul With Hope

Web blog Sydney Briar is Alive has declared that Saturday July 20th, 2013 is to be observed as “National Talk like Bane Day”, commemorating the one-year anniversary of the theatrical release of Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises, which gave the nation, and the world, Tom Hardy’s “Bane Voice”.

Has there ever been a voice more penetrating, evil, and fun to talk in? Go ahead and say a few things to yourself in the Bane voice. There—now you can’t stop.

The holiday is to be celebrated like “International Talk like a Pirate Day”, except participants are encouraged to be less pathetic.  Take control… take control of your weekend. Throw a party. Have a few beers. Grill food. Dress up like you favorite superheroes. Talk like Bane with family and friends. Play Hans Zimmer’s TDKR score loud enough for your neighbor to complain, then break his spirit and his body.

A Facebook event has been created, courts will be convened, spoils will be enjoyed. Those who do not talk like Bane will be subject to listening to those who do, and will also act as designated drivers.

This is the holiday we deserve, and the one we need.


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