The Great Dusting

I had every intention of updating this blog after I ran to the store to pick up smokes. Since I quit smoking over two years ago, I guess the hours kind of escaped me.

It takes a lot of practice to maintain writing. Not so much the act of committing words to paper, but remembering that whatever silly bullshit occurred to me is worth molding into some kind of rant, skit, or bad query letter. And plenty of hilarious things have happened over the last two years– John Carter bombed, M. Knight Shyamalan made another masterpiece, Pussy Riot was sent to prison. I tried, and failed, to start a political blog (I didn’t think there were enough). Nobody is perfect I guess.

Anyways, it is my intention to dust off this blog over the next few weeks and hopefully get things back into a rhythm. Hopefully I don’t start smoking again…


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