In honor of Halloween…

Busy writing– no time to post. But because Halloween is such an honored tradition in many of your households, I’ve decided to dishonor it by posting a video each day of the worst fucking music from an 80’s horror movie soundtrack that I could possibly find. Starting with these guys. It’s Dokken, with a song that was clearly written at 2:00 AM the night before the track was due. I imagine the conversation went something like this…

BIG-HAIRED BOZO #1: “Shit, you guys, wasn’t that song due tomorrow?”

BIG-HAIRED BOZO #2: “Man, I’m so high on cocaine right now I can’t feel my tongue.”

BIG-HAIRED BOZO: #1: “Save me some. What was the name of this movie again? Where’s Steve?”

BIG-HAIRED BOZO #3: “Steve just climbed onto the balcony. He said he has angel wings.”

BIG-HAIRED BOZO #4: “Dream Warriors, man.”

BIG-HAIRED BOZO #1: “Don’t we have some old song sitting around that I can just sing the words ‘dream warriors’ over the chorus? Let’s just do that, man. Take some song of ours and just sing ‘dream warriors’ over and over again. People will tie that shit to the film’s title. I’ll sing, ‘We’re the dream warriors, just want to keep dreaming some more…”

BIG-HAIRED BOZO #2: “Dude, I think dreams are a bad thing in this movie.”

BIG-HAIRED BOZO #1: “Fuck it. We’ll sort it out. Where’s Steve?”

BIG-HAIRED BOZO #3: “Steve’s gone crazy, man! Steve said that music, especially rock music, goes in cycles and that what’s popular today may lose traction with younger audiences as they get older and develop more sophisticated tastes. Steve said that particularly those bands who’ve chosen to brand themselves as part of a very distinct look and sound will quickly become dated as new styles gain popularity. Changes in popular culture, as well as politics and fashion can have a heavy influence on music trends. Steve said that we should begin looking at our long-term fiscal strategy by investing what we have now in sensible, low-risk mutual funds which yield short, sustained growth over prolonged periods of time.”

BIG-HAIRED BOZO #2: “Steve’s a genius! Let’s do that!”



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