Sorry for the lack of posts. Of the past three weeks I’ve spent two on the road and one moving our apartment. My work days are burning me to a fucking crisp and I’ve got a rewrite to finish. The dog took a shit on the kitchen floor. Jimmy Buffett is still making records. Unemployment has grown into this great big goddamn beast we’ve become accustomed to living with, and those of us with jobs are doing the work of those who were let go. Companies are merging and colliding and everywhere it’s like the universe is collapsing and what passed for merely adequate ten years ago has become a goal line the keeps rolling back in pay cuts and smaller windows of opportunity. Arcade Fire’s new album is the best rock record in years and the poor bastards will be lucky to squeeze out the 399 pennies they’re asking for on Amazon. So that’s what I’m listening to. I have 182 emails to respond to since first flight took me from south to north and cutting switchback trails across the midwest. So that’s what I’m listening to. Something to petition for my soul while I’m fighting the barbarian horde.


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