Why You Eyeing M. Night’s Lemon Drink?

M. Night is an unbelievable douche. Bigger than anyone you have ever met in your life. Scientists could create a super douche in a lab using Gwyneth Pouttroll and Ridley Crowe’s genetics and it still would be Hermann Goring compared to the Hitler that M. Night is.

Check out this arrogance extravaganza:

:47 – “I think if I thought like you I’d kill myself” isn’t funny. You know what is funny? Every scene in ‘The Happening’.

:53 –  Who is that guy next to him and why is he just sitting there? Shouldn’t he be under the table with M. Night’s balls on his goatee?

:55 – So everything the reporter said about how your work has sucked since the last 10 minutes of ‘Signs’ is against every instinct you have as an artist? Perhaps you should pretend every day is opposite day. Look at me, I’m wearing hats on my feet and glasses on my ears!

1:07 – Please don’t become a painter. Just do what you said earlier and  kill yourself. It would really help a lot of people out. Starting with the people involved in DEVIL.

1:15 –  Do you know why you can find opinions like that on Google? Because millions of people have said it! This reporter is not wrong! Fact: your movies have progressively gotten worse critical and public acceptance. Fact: You managed to top one of the worst movies ever [The Happening] with allegedly the worst movie ever. Fact: Yes, everyone else’s impression of your career isn’t the same as yours because you’re clearly even more delusional than this guy. And that dude smashed his face off a motorcycle to get that way!

1:45 – Rambling off incomplete thoughts always strengthens any argument.

1:50  – hahahaha. What? How does that work? Did France make an announcement that the country’s collective favorite movie is ‘The Village’? And did that goon next to him nod as if that is a known fact? And Spain, you should be embarrassed. You like one of the worst ones. Japan does like a different movie. It’s called tentacle porn. Great argument you got going here.

2:02 –  Wait, there’s a school in England doing what? I assume it’s right next to the science class ‘Fucking Magnets, how do they work?’

2:15 – Is this the first time M. Night has heard this opinion?

2:43 – I’m pretty sure you’re not the only thing keeping sequels of your movies from coming to life. I doubt there’s much whispering about making Ladies in the Water or The Happening 2: The Wind Blow Continues.

2:50 –  Making a movie based on a Nickelodeon cartoon isn’t so much a commercial endeavor as it is a sexual exploration of oneself.

3:10 –  Hopefully this is the last.

3:20 – Who is this guy and why is he talking? Tell him I hate him.


2 thoughts on “Why You Eyeing M. Night’s Lemon Drink?

  1. Wipe the foam from your mouth and give the guy credit: he turns down money on more commercial projects and takes le$$ money on his own projects so that they can’t make sequels out of them (Wind Blow Continues – good one).

    Yes, he’s had some misfires for many of us, even as we learn that many (in the flyover states?) enjoyed his latest films.

    It’s weird: you hate this guy with the same rabid intensity homophobes hate gays. methinks thou protest too much? Me thinks you secretly LOVE his hair-twirling bad self?

  2. I despise anyone with no sense of humility. Especially when they have zero reason to NOT. The Ultimate Warrior is more humble than this dude.

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