Inception Bongggg

If I ran America, films like Inception would be rolling out every weekend of the summer: slick, original mind-benders with visuals unlike anything we’ve ever seen. Then again, if I ran American I would use the Inception “BONGGGGGG” as part of a national warning system in place of tornado sirens and terror alert levels. Because let’s face it, if you heard that “BONGGGGG” while you were grabbing some Yogurtland, you’d move your ass.

And while it looks like Inception is on-track to earn $60 million this weekend, I doubt that will change any decision maker’s opinion when he’s weighing the pro’s and con’s of your original screenplay to that “Alf” film the boys upstairs have been talking about.

And while we’re on the subject, I’m urging everyone to check out this month’s issue of Creative Screenwriting Magazine. There’s an amazing feature piece by our boy Adam on “Scott Pilgrim” as well as another great column by learned wise man Jim Cirile. The magazine appears to have made some big changes over the past few months and is really throwing its dick into the marketplace. It’s got me thinking BONGGGGGG!

I’d also like to add that I got a pedicure today at a place called “Princess Nails” in Irvine. Laugh all you want, friends, but you really don’t know what your own feet are capable of until a kindly Korean woman spends 45 minutes laboring over each one like a fucking archaelogist trying to unearth something that’s been buried by 30 years of neglect. It was a humiliating experience at first, sitting beside a row of middle-aged housewives and teenage girls giggling about Twilight, but now that it’s over I can’t think about anything but wanting to go back…


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