The Missing Character Arc

Just when I think that I can’t become any more flabbergasted with Republicans, there comes another one of those, “you gotta be fucking kidding me” moments when I have to take a deep breath and remind myself that somewhere there’s a man living in a cave who believes that blowing up an airport will please God who will reward him with a harem of virgins. This is the unpredictable nature of human beings. Some people fantasize about having sex with jungle animals. It’s not a perfect system.

The Republicans, whose unwavering support of limited government, lax regulation, and corporate entitlement opened an economic hellmouth and plunged the world into financial misery not seen since The Great Depression, now believe that the way to remedy this little kerfuffle is to show “tough love” by blocking the extension of benefits which the unemployed need to survive the result of all those great Republican ideas. I believed, like many had, that once defeated in the 2008 election, the Republicans would have some sense of shame and just go away for a really long time. Because when you set someone’s house on fire the last thing you do is come back to criticize the firemen or the poor bastard that just lost everything. It’s what having a conscience is all about.

Not so, says Republican Congressman John Campbell (CA-48):

“The spending lobby, the mainstream media, recipients of taxpayer largess, and virtually all elected Democrats would have you believe that we have already cut spending to the bone and that there is no more to be done and the economy and people will suffer if we cut any more, so you we must pay a bunch more in taxes to prevent this calamity.”

John Campbell, who voted for the TARP bailout and made numerous public appearances prior to his vote stressing the need for taxpayers to fund a trillion dollar slush fund to help banks who had actually created this calamity, goes on to list a number of other programs which are wasteful entitlements that need to be stripped of funding in order to reestablish a perfect order in which John Wayne still plays at the local cinema and the soda fountain still costs a nickel.

In fairness, some of the listed programs are incredibly stupid, as most economic policies are. However, it’s that grandiose sense of righteousness in his conservative beliefs which I find irritating so shortly after his acting in all ways to the contrary. There should be, at minimum, a two year period in which elected leaders like Congressman Campbell are never seen or heard from. That way when he returns to the public light and starts babbling about fiscal conservatism we don’t all look at each other and start laughing. The two year silent period would lead us to believe that Congressman Campbell has made a metamorphosis into this proud champion of conservatism we see before us today, possibly spending those two years living in the wilderness spending long nights speaking to the darkness, agonizing over his actions, and crying himself to sleep in the rain. That’s called a “character arc”. It’s necessary for us to believe a person has changed.


3 thoughts on “The Missing Character Arc

  1. There was a two year gap between 2008 and 2010 where we did not hear from Campbell, now if only that could be true of all elected officials, make them go on a spirit walk or something. Or let them get on the unemployment line and see how quickly they change their tunes.

  2. You’re not being consistent at all. Obama and the Democrats are busy deficit spending the nation into total oblivion exactly the way Japan did, which resulted in them suffering a nearly thirty year long recession. They and numerous other countries are telling us to stop spending and slash tax rates, and Obama and company are not listening. This is Japan, this is Carter, this is debacle, all over again.

    This economic catastrophe was brought on by government, not having too little of it.

    • I can’t believe in conservatism when the people who champion its benefit don’t seem to care much for it either. Name one Republican president over the last three decades who left office with a smaller deficit than what he began with.

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