Drunken Pitchfest was an idea that Mr. Mowrer and I had sat on for about six months, until we nailed down a date, made some calls, and armed ourselves with cheap liquor. Last night seemed like a great night to get wasted and talk movies. And we thought this would make excellent web-based video content because Mr. Mowrer and I don’t know a fucking thing about the internet and we aren’t very bright.

I’ve learned some things in rolling through the “alpha” phase of Drunken Pitchfest, like find a sober person to hold the camera, have better film ideas, and don’t focus so much time on talking about my penis. Other lessons were gained around 7 o’ clock this morning, when I woke up feeling like if somebody had taken a bag, filled it with shit, and used it as a punching bag for seven hours, I would be that bag of shit.

The premise for Drunken Pitchfest was simple: gather screenwriters, feed them booze, and film them stumbling through a pitch. It would be the same as any pitchfest in that you’d be pitching to people without any industry clout, only you’d be drunk. Instead, the premise devolved into arguments, anecdotes, and a persistent groupthink pitch involving a digital camera falling through a wormhole and into the hands of a caveman. Even now when I’m sober (ish) I think this is a great idea, right up to the 90 second trailer of our prehistoric protagonist jack-hammering a pterodactyl. Who wouldn’t pay to see that in IMAX?

One of the greatest lessons we learn early on as writers is not to fall in love with your idea, and let it die when the time comes. In this case, I refuse to let it die. Even as the sixty or so minutes of footage sitting on my desktop serves as a reminder why I should. Hilarious? Yes. To others? Mmm… maybe not so much.

I think that with a more rigid structure, a better location, a lot more people, and some kind of Simon Cowell type asshole to judge, this could evolve into something not only rich in video content, but work as a kind of a social gathering where drunks, writers, and drunken writers can come together and network while they make asses of themselves for my amusement. If there’s interest there, enough interest, I’ll keep this idea alive and start planning for sometime end of August. If there isn’t, well, there’s always “Loli Mountain“.



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