Part of my script win included a free download from iScript. For those who’ve never used the service, iScript provides a professional voice reading of your script as an MP3. This isn’t some bullshit computer generated text-to-voice read, it’s actually a person reading your script like it was audio book. I have to say, I’m impressed. More than impressed, listening to a person actually read each word aloud introduces a new level of squeamish self-consciousness that I never knew existed. It’s easy to ingest notes after a while, you just depersonalize them. With this, you know some poor bastard has to trudge through blocks of action that probably could have been summarized in one sentence. It also makes me wonder if there’s a line in there that might be so powerfully awkward that it could merit a remix, like Karl Pilkington revealing he could “eat a knob at night”.

I recommend checking this out if you’re really looking to dive into your story and get a whole other sense of perspective on how your script reads. It almost makes me wonder if this caught on how that would change the rules of spec submission. Will we need to have a professional voice actor attached to the MP3?


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