Above the Clouds

Rapper Guru dies after battle with cancer

From CNN

The 43-year-old rapper succumbed to complications from cancer on Monday at Good Samaritan Hospital near New York City, Solar said. There had been an outpouring of support from fans in March when it was reported Guru had a stroke and had been hospitalized.

Solar, a long-time collaborator of the artist, said Guru chose not to go public with the diagnosis of myeloma that was made more than a year ago.

“Guru has been in and out of hospitals since last July,” Solar said. “It was his wishes to keep it private. We really thought he would be able to beat it.”

Summer 2001. I smoked three joints on a journey across the Nevada desert. “Full Clip” bangin’ on a portable disc player, the engine overheating. Gang Starr made it easy to defend rap music as something that was just as relevent and timeless as rock. I find it difficult to disassociate summer with the sound of that discman clicking each time the bass dropped. It’s a sad day for hip hop. There aren’t many real rappers left.


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