How Do I Know When My Script is Ready to Go?

I’m stuck in rewrite hell. Writer’s block has set in, which is one of the many reasons I haven’t been updating this blog. I’m on my 9th draft of my current script, and although it feels like it’s almost there, a piece is missing that I can’t seem to find when I reach up into my brain basket <—this is exactly what I’m talking about btw!!!

Interestingly enough, it’s working with Jim Cirile’s Coverage Ink team on this latest rewrite that has challenged me every time I think I have my final product ready. It’s hard to refute notes when your response is “Yeah, well… uh… those are all good points.” So I was glad when Jim posted this video because this is the question that’s been floating in my brain basket. That and, “What the hell did I get myself into at work?” but that’s an entirely different story.

The last “not ready yet” I received was maybe the most difficult. Notes are generally pages of cringe-worthy dialogue on where you failed as a writer. I take the evening to sulk. Have a few drinks, gripe about how life isn’t fair, allow myself the process of grieving my latest abortion, then wake up the next morning feeling refreshed and ready to brainstorm changes. I find it helps if I picture the person giving the notes as a prospective client and I’m offering some abstract product that’s in the process of project management. Then I start thinking about project management, process flows, Viso flowcharts, updated changes to work groups, conference calls, whether or not I remembered to CC my boss on my last email, wolves tearing at my flesh, and oddly enough, a man standing on the top of a hill holding an umbrella over his head while he’s waist-deep in snow. That’s usually about the time when somebody on the phone says, “Would somebody from ———– like to respond?” And I realize that somebody is probably supposed to be me.


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