Speaking Up!

I’ve been doing a lot of public speaking lately. I gave a presentation at a summit earlier in the week to an audience of what could only be described as grouchy, bum-ass bitches. It’s part of the corporate life in which I’ve immersed myself. Speaking to groups. Speaking to teams. Leading meetings and giving handshakes. All good business stuff.

I’ve decided to make this post a writing exercise: Pre-battle speeches. Scott over at Go Into the Story did a great run of these back in January. And I decided to try my hand at writing one. What would I tell a group of soldiers about to face the toughest battle of their lives in which they are sure to face certain doom? How would I rally the troops when all is lost but the will to be free and get loaded? What would I find within myself that I could put to words?

So… what do you got?


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