Taxes Into Total Socialism!

Republicans were given the high hard one this week after losing the battle over health care. While I have my own complex thoughts on health care reform (like how the bill actually helps anybody with insurance avoid the possibility of bankruptcy) I was pleased to read the grandiose ramblings of crazy people as they dreamt of a world in which Tea Party hillbillies would march to civil war from Sarah Palin’s pussy, presumably while country music blared and American flags flapped from the hoods of oversized pickup trucks.  I say Sarah Palin’s “pussy” because that’s only place where something so retarded could emerge from. In reality, a couple boys down at the Piggy Wiggly got themselves into the moonshine and decided to dance, and that’s about it.

But honestly, I could’ve gone either way. The only thing as amusing as a wimpering Democrat is a blowhard Republican, and I spent enough years under Bush’s watch witnessing the former. But the added benefit of a Republican sob-fest is knowing that scared old people will soon die believing that the America they knew is being slowly destroyed and that the course of their “greatest generation” ended in total failure. Let me tally up why I find that amusing…

A few things; if you believe that fiscal responsibility and restrained moral behavior are the ethos on which the American people will be sparked to wild revolution, you clearly don’t know shit about the American people. In fact, you should probably take up Islam and move back to Iraq. American revolutions revolve around fast cars, tasty new beverages, and tits. If your beliefs don’t involve any of those three, then mister, keep walking.

Second, I don’t give a fuck about our children. This argument has never worked on me because I don’t have kids. And if I did have kids, they should be so lucky that we put up with the level of bullshit we deal with on a daily basis and still found it within ourselves to allow them life instead of using Obama’s bill to pay for that abortion that would make Hawaii a lot easier this year. And if our kids are really that upset, they can take solace in the fact that their great-grandma fought hard for their future, even as she took from it in Medicaid payments for which she never worked a day in her life.

And last; I don’t care if over the course of 20 years a health bill causes this country to slowly submerge itself into uncontrollable debt and we become a third-world nation. I’ll just move somewhere else. There are still moving trucks in this farcical doomsday scenario, correct?


2 thoughts on “Taxes Into Total Socialism!

  1. You’re missing the entire problem.

    The reason the insurance industry keeps increasing copays, increasing deductibles, and decreasing coverage of people and maladies is because those billing them keep raising their prices endlessly.

    Partly, it is greed. Since you’re not paying the cost of an appendectomy or tonsillectomy or a broken leg, but are only paying a fixed monthly premium to a company that is paying them out of the premiums of thousands or millions of others, you never notice that the price keeps climbing. So they soak the system.

    Partly it is that greed in feedback. Lawyers sue the medical industry constantly and for the smallest thing, then whore themselves to the same medical industry to represent them as well, and charge insane retainers. Malpractice insurance goes up, up, and up some more. Since the government won’t limit suits or even try to give powers to judges to penalize lawyers who bring frivolous suits constantly, or disbar them after so many infractions. They have to keep raising their premiums.

    Of course, the fact that the majority of congress are lawyers is probably not a coincidence in that refusal to reform the legal system where the medical industry is concerned.

    Everywhere in the system, prices only go up.

    As that happens, and the insurance industry is forced to cut back coverage, the people see the doc for basic health and upkeep less, which means serious illnesses don’t get caught and treated till they become obvious, difficult, and expensive. Thus the burden on the medical system goes up even more. Prices go up, and the numbers of pricier treatments go up.

    But wait, there’s more!

    Instead of researchers convincing investors to pony up for research, we cut out the middlemen and pass the cost on to the patient. Now, we bring experimental treatments directly to patients which cost more because they are trying to recoup the investment cost up front before it can even be ascertained as safe never mind effective. If it is, the money is made back on the investment long before it becomes traditional and standard. If not, they still got their money.

    All this plan does is go from that to hooking up my wallet and yours to that save vac-u-suck system of corrupt profiteering and incestuous relationships between the politicians, lawyers, and the medical industry. It doesn’t fix a single thing, and instead surrenders to it, and opens wide the feeding trough.

    I’m not seeing that as a good thing.

    As far as becoming a third world nation goes, if your patriotism and commitment to your society is so low, then what about your income? What exactly are a broke people and bankrupt economy going to pay for movies, and in turn you and other writers?

    Not a dime, and it won’t be because you could not get a call back or get someone to take the script. It will be because no one has any money to pay you because the economy died.

    I’m not seeing an upside to that either.

    Lastly, this was done over the objections of a majority of the nation with all the reverence for the principle of consent of the governed and democratic representation as Hannibal Lecter has for his victims. If the voters let them get away with that, it won’t be the end of it. Self-aggrandizing egomaniacs never stop when they are on a roll. They just keep on going and taking.

    So that’s a third thing I’m seeing no positives on.

    For a bonus fourth, they spent over a year on this to the exclusion of everything else going on in the world, most especially the American economy. Perhaps you might want to consider what happens if the double-dip recession goes much further south. I’m thinking freezes at every studio on new scripts just for starters.

    Altruistically or selfishly, this entire mess is a disaster for everyone, and that includes you and me.

    • I wouldn’t disagree with anything you’ve said, and I think you make fair, valid points.

      However, I don’t see this as an absolute solution. I think when dealing with a problem with the kind of scope and magnitude as health care you have to make as large a push as possible toward your end-goal and then measure that success so you can make adjustments accordingly. I think in actuality there will be some very good changes in this bill along with some very bad changes. Hopefully, as with any process of migrating a system, those negative aspects will be examined and erased until what we’re left with is something close to the bull’s eye. It might take a number of years, but that’s what the process entails.

      What I am shocked about, and you touched on this, is how the insurance industry become the solitary scapegoat for why our healthcare system stinks. And I think this is a corner that the Republicans sort of wedged Democrats into when bringing up talk of “death panels” and rationed care. Nobody mentions the fact that large providers have leveraged power against insurance companies to raise costs, or that patients in America have leveraged litigation to demand every treatment they can think of without any regard for that cost or deductive process. Yeah, I can get an MRI here in a matter of hours. Do I need one IMMEDIATELY if I wake up with a back ache, or should we maybe try some physical therapy for a few weeks first before jumping to $4,000 dollar treatments? Republicans would call that Canada-like socialized medicine, I would call that common sense.

      What I don’t understand is how this bill helps those who find themselves in a situation where their 10 percent copay has to cover something that costs hundreds of thousands of dollars. That’s what causes medical bankruptcy, not trips to the doctor for an annual physical. If you have a child that’s suffering from some costly disease there should be something in place to assist you in mediating that cost between the provider, the insurance company, and the individual. And that, I think even libertarians would agree, is the essential role of government. Acting as an intermediary to ensure the fulfillment of contracts. What can one party afford to pay, what can another afford to lower, what can another afford to throw in.

      I don’t think this bill is really that big of a deal. Five to ten years of adjustments and tweaks and changes and it’ll seem foolish it caused this much debate.

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