Bad Query Letters: “jarfur against a monkey”


2 thoughts on “Bad Query Letters: “jarfur against a monkey”

  1. For fuck sake…. you gave me a scare…

    When I clicked on your link from the comment at the Julie Gray blog and started to read “Jarfur against the monkey” my heart started racing a thousand miles an hour. It wasn’t because it was funny or interesting (even though it was) it was because I thought I had landed myself in another basket of trouble. My first thought was “Oh Fucker!!! Not again”

    I’ll explain for a sec and only a sec don’t worry. My hotmail account has been overrun by the Asian Dawn; you know the ones from the Time magazine article. The account opens with everything MSM in Chinese characters and my password has been changed and I can’t change it back. Lucky I had another account linked to it so I can still get in.

    I Shit thinking now this fucking mob is going to turn it swazie and I already payed for a full 12 months of night school studying mandarin….

    You see why I shit a brick? Huh? Fucking people! Can’t live with em, can’t live without em …

    Zaijian wode pengyou.

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