Did You Eat A Banana Today?

It’s 3:00AM. You’re lying in bed, asleep. You feel comfortable. The sheets are warm, your pillow is soft. You have another four hours before you need to wake up for work.  Your wife is next to you, her hair like strands of woven gold drape across her pillow in the moonlight. And you’re dreaming. And they’re good dreams. The kind where you drift into peaceful solitude, and the world is a safe and wonderful place where nothing can harm you.

But did you eat a banana today? …No? …. Okay.

It’s 3:01AM. You’re lying in bed, asleep. When all of the sudden…

Leg cramps in the middle of the night. Discuss.


One thought on “Did You Eat A Banana Today?

  1. Potassium is not a deciding factor. I’ve had leg cramps since I was a kid and used to eat far more bananas then than now and have less leg cramps today.

    Best thing to do is get out of bed and stand on it as quick as you can. Once you get the nervous system sending signals to get the leg to perform its normal leg functions, it starts to let go pretty quick. Staying in bed and clutching it is the worst possible thing you can do. Rub the muscles once standing, use some Icy Hot after, and get back to bed.

    Most people with this issue sleep with their legs bent at the knees about 45 degrees from straight and get cramps most often when attempting to sleep straight legged, which is only on the back or stomach. Sleeping on the side can help, but the issues with shoulders, arms, and neck can be almost as bad unless you have a good mattress and pillow. Cheap crap will hurt you in the long run.

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