Matt Wants to Face Owen Gleiberman in the Post-Apock



I read the Book of Eli review in Entertainment Weekly [perhaps the most useless magazine on the shelf] and I found it lacking  just a tad in the research department. The dude [Owen Gleiberman] must’ve been distracted with blowing triple dicks while he wrote the review.

In the last 35 years or so, there have been an awful lot of [post-apocalyptic road movies], going back to A Boy and His Dog (1976) and, of course, The Road Warrior (1982)…and, most recently, The Road. I’m not sure if anyone was clamoring for another one of these films just now…

You reference the most popular post-apocalyptic movie ever, another from 34 years ago, and one that just came out approximately three months ago, and then you say there are ‘an awful lot’ of them. Good work, dude. Nice, solid effort.

I say that if you can come up with a complete list of post-apocalyptic road movies, I would love to see it because I love those goddamn movies. I’ll watch every single one of them and say ‘please sir may I have another.’ Just because you don’t like the movie genre doesn’t mean other people don’t. In fact $31 million dollars worth of people wanted one opening weekend. I guess some of us will be prepared come the day God’s son returns for his final Earth shattering traipse. I just played Fallout 3 for 9 hours last night, too, so guess who’s going to be eating whose corpse, Owen?

The stupidity of EW goes beyond Gleiberman. This is their review of the Alex E-Reader and the Skiff E-Reader from the January 22nd, 2010 issue:

The dual-screen Alex and the periodical-friendly touchscreen Skiff are two CES-debuting e-readers that should make Kindle and Nook shake in their E Ink boots. Now for that rumored Apple tablet…

Do you want to know more? Sorry, because that’s it. That’s the entire review. I have gained zero insight to this product outside of its name and that it is debuting. Thanks EW.


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