The Screenwriter’s Journey

And so brave young K.G. set forth from Isla Irvine on his quest.

“Heed the words of the elders,” cried the great wizard Cirile, “lack of character depth cannot be overcompensated by a few stunning pieces of visual imagery!”

“Yes it can.” K.G. responded.

“Oh, my dear boy,” Cirile muttered, “they’ll eat you alive in Vitriole.”


4 thoughts on “The Screenwriter’s Journey

  1. It’s strange. Sucky scripts with a decent high concept sell for big money but normal folks like us get clobbered for a few plot holes.

    Does a script have to be perfect top sell?

    I don’t get it and I never will.

  2. Mastro’s is an upscale steakhouse in Beverly Hills that Matt and I visited a couple weeks ago in an effort to adapt to fine dining for our inevitable rise to the top.

    The Passage Of Josh “I Won’t Read Your Fucking Script” Olsen.

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