Know Your Neighbor’s Netflix Tendencies

This mailbox can has cheezburgers.

If you’re like me, you always have a disturbingly strong desire to rip open your neighbor’s Netflix rentals to see what they’re watching. 1) Because I must take every opportunity possible to tell someone what they’re watching is worth ass, and 2) I need to know the type of fiends and heathens that are ogling my girlfriend every morning. I think we can all agree that anyone who queues up ‘My Best Friend’s Girl’ is a rape threat that should be watched.

Anyway, this is a pretty interesting [and often disappointing] dealy thingy. You can hover over zip codes of certain cities and see what movies are rented the most through Netflix. ‘Rachel Getting Married’ is the #1 in the 90027? Goddamnit neighbors. Looks like project ‘Queue Predator Repeatedly’ is a go after all. I gotta move to the neighboring 90068. Bunch of atheists over there [where Religulous is #2]. There’s probably a street fair filled with smoking, cursing, and public effing every single night.

I’ve noticed that a lot of movies seem to infiltrate neighborhoods like an epidemic. Removing the renter’s head is the only way to stop some of them.


2 thoughts on “Know Your Neighbor’s Netflix Tendencies

  1. I saw this in the Times too. Took up about an hour of my work day as I checked every neighborhood I use to live in as well as ex-girlfriend’s, well known fellons, etc.

    Now not I know your neighborhoods zip code I am tempted to swing through and ogle your girlfriend. How hot are we talking?

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