Metal In Movies

Do you think my scythe will fit in your mom's Subaru?

I read that Mastodon is scoring Jonah Hex [why won’t this movie get out of my life?!], and it had me brainstorming other movies that utilized metal in their score. This once again turned into a list of clips that I could actually find video for, but regardless, all of my choices got the devil horn approval from this guy:

Thank you, Death Metal Rooster. Now, on to the business.

‘Zombieland’ was one of my favorite movies of the year. Perhaps even #2 behind Inglourious Basterds. Even if you suck at life and you hated Zombieland, you can at least dig the opening credit sequence, featuring For Whom the Bell Tolls? by Metallica:

David Lynch and Nick Cage at their wacked out awesomest, featuring Slaughterhouse by Powermad:

I deem 8MM one of the most underrated movies. The original screenplay by Andy Kevin Walker is actually DARKER than the final film, if you can believe that, featuring Come To Daddy by Aphex Twin:

Pee-Wee shreds, featuring Burn in Hell by Twisted Sister:

I never saw this movie, but this part is pretty rad:

Honorable mentions: The Hurt Locker [probably my actual #2 favorite movie from 2009] features a handful of songs from Ministry’s Rio Grand Blood album. Also, Ministry is actually in A.I. Artificial Intelligence, but unfortunately the scene they’re in sucks. They do pretty good in it though. Also, the Rammstein song in Lost Highway is crazy, but the clip on Youtube was no good.

What else can you guys think of?


3 thoughts on “Metal In Movies

      • duuuuude, seriously. pump up the volume.
        Ice-T, Bad Brains,the Jesus and Mary chain, Henry Rollins.

        well non of that is metal but i felt slighted by you not mentioning the 2nd best slater movie ever first of course being gleaming the fucking cube, son.

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