Shopping for a Quirk

When I think about characters to write, especially when I’m going to write a comedy, I need to give them quirks. I used to enjoy improv at one point of my life and discovering quirks are fascinating. Sometimes they are the reason we love comedy, the character does what we all think. Stereotypes are too easy and I love

Reality Bites

challenges so I love to go deeper into addiction/obsessions, which in some way we can all relate.

I tend to obsess with this idea a bit much though, to the point where I discover vague quirks that aren’t in existence until I think them up. For example, I’m shopping in the shoe aisle and my brain gets me past the heels section and past the practical walking shoes and straight to the trendy ballet flats. But one would think I am looking for a nice neutral color to blend with my trendy outfits. In my case, my eyes are widening to the Scottish colors of plaid ballet flats. Many would call this shoe, “ugly,” but all I see is my desire to own plaid, a side effect of growing up in the suburbs during the 90’s.

But my frugal mind won’t let me put the pair alone in my basket, I realize that there has to be more pairs sitting in a section that the ignored pattern enthusiasts tend to leave pairs of this kind, in the clearance section. This wondrous section has many more pairs at discounted prices which then have me daydream about an “ugly shoe” collection. Because my collection wouldn’t just be to see my obsession fulfilled, it would also rescue the orphan pairs for a place of their own.

I wouldn’t possibly wear them in the real world but maybe through my many outfit changes before heading out somewhere, and if someone happened to knock on my door at that moment I was trying them on, I would run and put them away, take off all of my clothes and come to the door wrapped in a towel and lead the person to think otherwise and my collection would be my little secret.

Then I shake my head of the idea and can’t believe I went through that whole thought process for an obsession I don’t want to start. But then it was worth my time as it now has become a QUIRK, for a character.


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