My Name is Matt Mowrer…

and I’ll be your designated blogger. I intended on typing this first post while I was on the clock at my job, but the sudden sound of gushing water coming from my kitchen has prevented my plans of stealing corporate time. Afraid to turn on the water, I am unshowered and my teeth are in need of brushing. Regretfully my teeth are not crusty from Honey Nut Cheerios because I also found out this morning that we have no milk. An all around great morning. A little bit about me as I wait for the maintenance guy who speaks less English than any character from Apocalypto:

I was Mike MacIntosh on this blog, but decided that I’m too egotistical to write under an alias. Everyone must know that I am great, handsome, and as tall as the largest raping and pillaging Viking. My favorite movie is Young Guns and my favorite writers are Andy Kevin Walker and David Webb Peoples.

I moved from Lancaster County Pennsylvania to Hollywood 5 years ago for an internship program through my alma mater, Temple University. I brought a screenplay with me that I thought was going to be the next indie hit, only to have an exec at my internship read it and inform me that it sucked. I quote: “I’ll be honest, I didn’t even read the whole thing.” Humbling? Yes. Discouraging? No. Thanks to that initial push by him [and the screenwriter Derek Guiley] I believe I’ve gotten better.

I now am an office manager at a literary agency in Beverly Hills. There will be plenty of stories pulled from that as I continue to blog on here. Here’s a preview:

Agent: Matt, what’s going on with the lights in the lunch room?

Me: What do you mean?

Agent: They’re all out.

Me: You probably just need to turn them on.

Agent: Oh. Well, usually when I go in there they just come on automatically.

That’s what I deal with on a daily basis. There are some cool people there, but believe me when I say agents are the worst [except my own, of course].

Well, the Mexican guy has arrived, so that is it for the intro. Let the fun begin.


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