Jonah Hex in Reshoot Mode…Uh oh!

This bitch is in it, too.

This is potentially [read ‘definitely’] bad news for a movie that I was really looking forward to seeing for no actual reason I can think of, but Jonah Hex is starting a 10 day reshoot this month. In case you’re not a giant nerd who loves comic books and/or Westerns, Jonah Hex is the Josh Brolin starred DC Comic book movie about a scarred up bounty hunter who is tracking down some Confederate dude who wants to use voodoo to raise an army of the undead. I assume these undead soldiers will not only be deadly, but also racist.

Aside from the reshoots, this part of the article also spells B-A-D:

Jimmy Hayward, who co-directed “Horton Hears a Who!” and is making his live-action debut with the movie, remains in the director’s chair. He will be joined by “I Am Legend” helmer Francis Lawrence, who was brought in last month to act as a consultant.

The co-director of ‘Horton Hears a Who’ is getting advice from the guy who failed ‘I Am Legend’? Ouch. [Note: ‘I Am Legend’ actually could’ve been cool if Lawrence didn’t decide to use CG to create the infected instead of practical special effects and makeup. With the CG it never felt like they were actually there, so I never felt Barack Obama [or was it Will Smith?] was ever really in danger. Plus because they were computer graphics, I never felt that they were ever human in the first place. Also the ending was a weak cop out. I do love that Mike Patton of Faith No More and Fantomas fame does the voices for the infected. That dude is a genius, but I digress.]

Oh, this is also bad. Jesus Christ, why did I want to see this movie?:

“Crank” filmmakers Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor, who wrote the “Hex” script, were initially on board to direct the movie back in its early stages but were dismissed because of creative differences with Brolin. Brolin told MTV News at the time he thought the script was “awful” but fell in love with the challenge of doing “the most awful movie I can find” if he could put the people he wanted into key positions.

Yeah, I think when your star agrees to do your movie because he wants to try and make a huge piece of shit, I think citing ‘creative differences’ is putting it about as lightly as you can. Oh, and thank you Brolin. We don’t get enough garbage in the theaters these days.


One thought on “Jonah Hex in Reshoot Mode…Uh oh!

  1. I read the first draft of the script. Fun read but they totally missed the goal.

    I think the rewriters retooled the zombies and ghost army the first draft merely hinted at.

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