Quarterly Objectives

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, bloggers and everyone else who just wandered onto this page by accident. The year is 2010. Things are going to change. I am taking a break from this blog to work on other endeavors, and in the meantime I have a vision for this blog that I’d like to try to see through this first quarter. (I am such a corporate hack)

I think the screenwriting blogosphere has become over-saturated with personal blogs. That is not to say that there are some incredible ones out there, but I’d like to see this blog take a different direction. The world of “breaking in” fascinates me. I think there’s a culture that’s vibrant with its own tales of epic failure and small triumphs. I think there’s a definite persona to writers that takes fanboy chic and softens it with pragmatic cynicism. It’s bitter, sometimes grandiose, and often involves tales of humiliation, lost fights, and lessons learned. I’m reassured by the fact that we’ve all had ideas and worked on projects that are cringe-worthy to even think about and yet some of us can laugh at that kind of failure and keep moving. It means that people are out there involved in their own imaginary worlds instead of beating a corporate drum inside the real one.

What I’d like to see this blog become is something along the lines of Transbuddha or Boing Boing where multiple contributers are all free to post what’s on their mind. A culture hub, but in our own trollish, smart-alecky style that doesn’t attempt to take things too seriously.  Page views have fallen tremendously over the last month, but I am proud to say that over the course of 2009 this blog went from 30 unique views a month to roughly 2-3 thousand by the end of November. I think there’s a lot of room for growth, but I want this to be about “us”… the “royal” us.

So in keeping with that spirit I’m going to be handing a huge chunk of blogger real estate to Mr. Mowrer, aka Mike MacIntosh.  This blog is now half his. And if “so-and-so” takes me up on my offer, expect to see somebody else materialize very soon.

Going forward there have been a lot of ideas we’ve kicked around regarding video that we’ll see in the future… and believe me, they are fucking hilarious and open to anybody who wants to throw in. When I have time we’ll see a lot more of that, which depending upon the corporate landscape and job market may be a lot sooner then I would like…

We’ll see how it all goes down.


3 thoughts on “Quarterly Objectives

  1. You’re right. The screenwriting blogosphere is oversaturated with personal blogs–my deliquent self being the author of one of them. It’s a dilemma.

    • Point taken. Perhaps my wording was wrong. What I meant to say was that I don’t have anything to offer the spectrum so why do I bother? And you have been delinquent lately. Where you been?

      • Hahah no I wasn’t trying to make a point–I was serious, I agree with you, and it’s a dilemma.Why DO we bother, other than to make internet friends with other bloggers (which admittedly can be very worthwhile). I’m kind of rethinking what I want my internet presence to be as well, actually.

        But yes, delinquent I have been. It’s the aforementioned, but also really just that every time I think about blogging there is this voice that goes “but what you should ACTUALLY be thinking about is selling your furniture, craigslist, money, a car, packing, your cat, your parents, money, selling your books, your friends, finding an apartment, MONEY, paperwork, health insurance, MONEY SOME MORE” and on and on and on. It’s fucking DISTRACTING. I am rather intensely rooted in New York in almost every way possible and the logistics of uprooting myself are something of a mindfuck. But man, am I excited to get to LA. Do you have any idea how fucking cold it’s been here?

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