This blog is going on hiatus for the next six weeks. The man of this house has short time to work on a very important rewrite, and none too much spare energy for such lighthearted endeavors. Fun as they may be. However, because I feel it is my obligation as butler of this house to keep the master’s guests entertained, I have decided to slowly roll out a little something I’ve kept on the back-burner these last few months. A fine tale involving a gentleman and the rather odious tasks which he must endure as he becomes a man. A madman.

I present to you the first few pages of what I hope you will cherish, a little script entitled “The Metamorphawesome of K.G. MadMan” as written by K.G. MadMan. I do hope you enjoy it, for lack of interest will simply crush the master as he has so desired its wide approval.

Check back in the coming weeks as we unravel more of this rather fine little adventure. And now my friends, I must bid you a good day.

– Sir Walter Montdignity

Splendid, indeed!



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