Christmas Letters #2

To Our Friends and Family,

First of all, Happy Holidays and we wish you the very best in the New Year.

This year has brought us the greatest change we have seen in our lives.  We are so happy and grateful to be together, healthy, and finally on a fulfilling path.  This will be the first Christmas celebration that we will not partake in, and while some may see this as a sad change, we can no longer observe such traditions in our new lifestyle.  However, we do respect whatever superstitions our loved ones may decide to still indulge in.

Since we began dating early this year, I have seen Robin make leaps and bounds in her personal life.  Once inducted into the church, I have seen Scientology change her life in ways you could never possibly imagine.  Her new job is treating her well, her studies are well beyond anyone in her class, and she has already mastered her First Dynamic.  Robin’s Thetan Levels have her on the E-Meter far into 3.3!  To borrow a quote from His teachings:

“Your potentialities are a great deal better than anyone ever permitted you to believe.” -L. Ron Hubbard (Dianetics 55!)

Never one to let Zenu’s design limit me, I have had amazing fortune this year as well.  Starting a new job, I was relieved of disability this summer following rigorous physical therapy and countless hours under the supervision of my personal auditor, who taught me a valuable lesson I would like to share with you:  No matter what misfortune life may hand you, always remember that you should never let your mental pictures be held hostage by your reactive mind.  Following last year’s painful accident, I was blessed enough this year to be privileged with a good job, a beautiful wife, caring friends and family, and a wise auditor.  I am currently in line for a promotion at the spa, and was given an invaluable position in our church’s Scientology Outreach League, helping the homeless by providing food, clothing, and research materials.

Robin expects to be finished with her degree this summer.  Following a small vacation, she will be accompanying me to our Applied Scholastics retreat at the Hubbard College of Administration in Florence, where we plan to study psychology and principles of the human mind.  We just might work in a day of swimming, too!  But all jokes aside, we look forward to meeting other couples who operate at our level.  It is difficult for us lately to find fulfilling social engagements when so many of the less-clear rattle on about their daily mum.

Robin and I have found true love in each other, and are embracing our new path with arms wide open!  We hope each of you reading this finds the kind of love that we are enjoying, and that your spirits are clean this holiday season.  Bereaved as it is, enjoy your Christmas and remember to stay safe this New Year’s!



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