Glenn Beck calls Net Neutrality “Marxist Plot”

Enjoy your favorite writing blogs? Like having free access to a plethora of sites which provide great advice, funny anecdotes, and the latest market reports? Well then raise your hammer & sickle you filthy commie rat! Because Glenn Beck has revealed the greatest socialist plot since the Russians tried to infiltrate our precious bodily fluids. From DailyFinance:

Glenn Beck, the popular TV and radio host with 3 million nightly viewers, has blasted net neutrality as a “Marxist” plot by the Obama administration to take over the Internet.

For the last several nights leading up to Thursday’s FCC vote moving forward with the open Internet rule-making process, Beck has been warning his viewers about net neutrality, the idea that broadband providers should not favor their own content over competing programming.

“So we have Marxists that are designing and working on net neutrality — are believers in net neutrality” to “control content,” the outspoken Beck said Tuesday night.

So what is ‘Net Neutrality’?

A neutral broadband network is one that is free of restrictions on content, sites, or platforms, on the kinds of equipment that may be attached, and on the modes of communication allowed, as well as one where communication is not unreasonably degraded by other communication streams.

Republicans are a funny lot. It’s like they know when I’m at my wit’s end with the administration so they purposefully do something crazy to keep me from exploring their views. Why does Glenn Beck feel that a free internet is socialist? Probably because Beck raped and murdered a young girl in 1990.

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2 thoughts on “Glenn Beck calls Net Neutrality “Marxist Plot”

  1. This is one of the places I disagree with fellow conservatives. Net Neutrality protects our ability to speak, despite the full court press from the current administration to decide for the people what is and isn’t news, such as trying to remove Fox from the WH press pool (over the protests of the rest of the press to their credit).

    Net Neutrality COULD BE however, a terrible thing IF it gets invaded and co-opted by the political world. Should the present administration and their like-minded twits in congress load it up with all sorts of government intrusions, we could end up with having manifest Net NON Neutrality as the government empowers itself to decide what is and isn’t worthy Internet content.

    Given the history of human government I have not a lot of faith in them staying out of it and not taking advantage of this to further extend their powers over us.

    • I was a little stunned by this. Given that the conservative movement right now is becoming so grassroots in blogs and small websites I can’t imagine Beck getting much traction here. Although it seems moot altogether. The power vacuum in this country gets filled with either clunky useless government or clunky useless corporations and I find it harder to tell the two apart these days. I will say, so long as the hackers, crackers, and trolls continue to lash out at anything resembling an end to this wild west environment I think most people will know to leave it alone. God bless the 14-year-old who can outwit any controls.

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