Glory, Glory North Korea

Just one of Kim Jong-Il’s wacky world-leader antics was the creation of a monster movie he released in 1985. With “Pulgasari” he hoped to show the world what the evils of capitalism and disobedience to the state can do to destroy the honor of a glorious nation. He did this by first kidnapping South Korean director Shin-Sang Ok in 1978, and with the production wizards at the Japanese  studio Toho set about to leave his mark on the monster movie genre.

Pulgasari Trailer

The film is about a doll that comes to life with the blood of a peasant woman who is pure like a river that knows not catfish, but how can she then do not better? Banishment! She who is snow and trees must watch as the angry cow who eats with frown.

Courtesy of Gorillanaut


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