Links Like Sugar

Ars Technica reports on a bill that would limit the spike in volume heard during television commercials.

If nobody’s seen this before, I urge you to check out Doug Gilford’s Mad Cover Site. This guy has collected (and has available to view) every cover to every Mad Magazine issue ever printed. I don’t know about you, but I loved Mad when I was a kid. Even if half the humor went straight over my head.

At Big Dead Place, arctic researchers review John Carpenter’s “The Thing”. It’s incredible how many were inspired by Kurt Russell’s Morrisson-esque performance as MacReady.

Here’s a treat just in time for Halloween and it’s one of the best examples of why I love the internet. I was able to find the title song to the 60’s cult classic “Spider Baby”. This is a bizarre little number by Lon Chaney that sounds like a cross between the score to a 40’s superhero adventure and your drunk uncle telling ghost stories to the neighbor’s pets. You can listen to it on MP3 via the Monster Movie Music Blog.

TV Spots are up for Richard Kelly’s new film “The Box”, an adaptation of the short story which was also adapted as a Twilight Zone episode back in the 80’s. (probably the best of that run)

I found this over at Meet In the Lobby, these are the two movie posters for “The Crazies”, a remake of the 1973 film by George A. Romero. For fans of the original, this actually isn’t too bad an idea as far as remakes go. I always felt that the original was a bit too “Night of the Living Dead” and never quite as developed as it could’ve been with regards to starting an entirely new franchise.

Crazies 1

crazies 2


2 thoughts on “Links Like Sugar

  1. I find The Box a little silly. In real life, people would kill each other to bang out the Konami code on that thing. Forget second thoughts about innocent people they didn’t know. It would be all show me the money time.

    As far as the volume thing goes, they took this up back in the early 80s and the rule was already established that they cannot suddenly raise the loudness from the main program level. Their workaround which was never addressed was to set the loudness level of record for their programming much higher than it actually was and bring the loudness back up to that level when commercials came on. Therefore, laws and regs not broken.

    That this even needs to be addressed again is beyond stupid.

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