Tickle Me Linkage

Today is Thursday night. And right now I’m probably on lunch eating a BLT by myself at a cafeteria table meant for four people, which should bring you all great sadness. Please stimulate my link zones…

…The Consumerist posts on how to save money on ink by changing your font. Does this mean we can start using “ecofont” instead of Courier? Probably not.

…Box office tracking for 10.9.09 is up at Life On The Bubble.

…Director Michael J. Bassett explains why Australians and New Zealanders make for better action stars over at Spill.

…This fell completely under my radar, but my buddy Nicholas wrote this post that I found very interesting. He’s the wisest writer I know, has GOBS of industry experience and he is full of free advice.

…Transbuddha has its list of Top 10 Spider-Man Villains That No One Wants On Film for Spiderman 4.

…Ashley has real eye-opener of a post regarding female filmmakers and the lack thereof. The numbers are pretty damn shocking.

…Check out the scripts featured on ‘The Brit List’ this week over at ScriptShadow.

…I don’t know who this fucking guy is, but check out Satan Brillstein: Devil Agent. Lolwut?

…Linked by Mystery Man, check out The Top 10 Fictional Dystopias. (Although my favorite was always the future world of “The Time Machine” with all its various Morlocks and Eloi)

…Screenplay Chick uses “Public Enemies” as an example of emphasizing theme at About-A-Screenplay.

Just FYI, this Tuesday will be focused on the release of the new Baroness record. Guest posts, reviews, highlights, and more. What… it doesn’t have anything to do with writing? Does I says.

Now enjoy a photo of our dog. For she is Darth Roxy.

Darth Roxy


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