Universal: Your Studio and You

I know this news was linked on Camden’s blog, as well as a few others, but I’m reposting it here: Studio heads roll as Hollywood counts cost of biggest flops.

So why did audiences not flock to exciting celluloid journeys such as “Land of the Lost” and “The Taking of Pelham”? South Park’s Trey Parker and Matt Stone narrate this internal training video for Universal which might clear things up:


3 thoughts on “Universal: Your Studio and You

  1. Ay der, guys. Jaber – to answer your question, I have no clue. I know they did this pre-South Park but how in the hell they got the star power for it is beyond me.

    Wojciehowicz – Yeah, I still hold out hope that this is just a “transitional” phase and there are brighter days ahead. Truthfully though, I think Universal just doesn’t have very good marketing.

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