Cringe-Worthy Learning Experiences

Boy was my face red!

I was once at a party, spinning a glass of brandy and remarking about the various cinema I had taken in during the winter when a gentleman and I engaged in a conversation regarding film… yes, yes.. action film I believe. We spoke of various action stars and the like when a certain, well.. I don’t want to say due to the very sensitive nature of this conversation as I’m sure you can imagine but he did mention a specific film which will go anonymous. “That one?” I said, drink in hand. “That movie sucked.”

To which he responded, “I wrote that.”

Yarbles! There is only so hard you can tug on your collar to breathe in such a predicament. So I ask you the good readers of this blog, have you ever found yourself in a situation wherein you were green as a gourd and made a mistake with an industry professional? For you see this was just a few months ago. Feel free to share, I’ll just refill my glass…


4 thoughts on “Cringe-Worthy Learning Experiences

  1. All the time in networking except they really weren’t mistakes. Someone eventually has to snap and tell the overpaid “engineers” with their alphabet soup after their names and their longer-than-yours beards and pot bellies and two hour lunches while you do their slave work that they have no fucking clue how to segment a LAN correctly.

    Sure there’s a moment or two of cold fear that it cost you your job, but after that you realize you can’t put up with having your intelligence insulted endlessly and your resentment towards them for taking you for granted and taking away your humanity constantly comes back to the fore and you realize that at least you didn’t hold it in and go postal on them.

  2. Have flash cards ready at all times with the names and faces of every working writer, producer, director and exec in town. Thus, this will never happen again.

  3. I was at a cookout hosted by a friend and was getting to know some of the people he knew from work. I forget exactly how the conversation got to this point, but I took a cheap shot at “Full House,” figuring everyone of my generation is aware of just how much that show sucked.

    Well, one of the girls in the group says, “My dad directed every episode of that show.”

    Yeah, awkward. I try to play it off with a laugh and say, “Well, we all have different tastes.” Then trying to change the subject, I ask, “What other shows has your dad worked on?”

    Without missing a beat, she snarls, “What other shows do you hate?”

    It was a good lesson in not shooting off my mouth when I don’t know who I’m talking to. Not that I learned it right away. Ten minutes later conversation turned to a then-newly announced project. I said I had read the script and that it wasn’t that great, and guess what?

    That girl worked for the company producing the movie.

    I guess I could look at the positive side. At least I made that mistake with someone who already thought I was a jackass. Better to alienate one person than two.

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