Saturday Morning Sieve

I’m in the awkward, fidgety stages of outlining a new script, so this blog has become a refuge…or a distraction. In any event it perpetuates the silent divide between my wife and I as we’re click-clacking away in separate rooms. I’m trying to wrangle some hooligans to do some guest contributions… these are people with actual incites and are even bigger douchebags than me. In the meantime, tickle my linkage…

[Updated] Check out the trailer and movie poster for “The House of the Devil” at Jeff’s Cinema Stimulus Package. If you are not enthralled we have little to discuss.

“If you’re going to steal… make sure to steal from the best” – From Screenwriting Tips…You Hack.

GamesBeat discusses why “Spore” the movie is a bad idea. (although I think “Spore Porn” might work)

This American Life returns to “The Giant Pool of Money”, a rebroadcast of their stellar report on the economic crisis. MUST LISTEN.

The Spec Market Roundup for September has been posted at Jason Scoggins’ Life On The Bubble.

Bitter Script Reader urges you to rise up against your oppressors with “The Thick Skin Project”.

For those seeking inspirado, I found this site which features stories from victims of online dating fraud. It’s pretty eye-popping. Click to Romance Scams.

And check out this little doozy on the Cinemaniax blog: “GRACE” Trailer.

And check out the latest at ScriptShadow…our friends Roger and H.G. Wirtz..wirzel…? Anyways, they have some reviews up. BTW, did anybody get a chance to read “The City That Sailed” before it was taken down? Was that not the cutest fucking thing ever? A snow globe wish? Awwwwww… Fuck, I wish I thought of that. Now if only Emmerich could take that project and work his magic on it…

“The child’s wish has doomed us all!”


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