I’ll Just Leave This Here

I don’t need people to like me. But I expect them to act civilized. They should at the very least acknowledge the basic principles of the social contract. Because without trust, what protections do we have? Take for instance the example of the man in the white Lexus. If I’m having a particularly rotten day, and all I want is a cup of coffee or a bagel, I understand that a parking lot in Newport will most likely be crowded. That’s fine. So if I’m pulling into that parking lot and I see TWO empty spaces, and a man in a white Lexus pulls in at the opposing entrance there really shouldn’t be a problem. That is, unless the man in the white Lexus accelerates, pulls IN FRONT OF ME and then parks across BOTH spaces so he can hop out with his dry cleaning. Then we have a problem. Then we no longer have a social contract. Then we no longer have an agreement. And without that, we’ve surrendered ourselves to weirdos on the interwebs…



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