The Kooky Woman

This post is for all the kooky women. As far as I know, there isn’t a better name for these women, but my wife and I call them the kooky women. You know who I’m talking about. Usually middle-aged, kooky women are the always cheerful types who wear a three-wolf moon shirt tucked into a pair of bright purple jeans with uncontrollable hair. They wear socks printed with quirky farm animal patterns and a pair of bright-colored Keds. Ah yeah, those are my kooky women.


Kooky Singer Susan Boyle

The kooky woman does not have time for curling irons or stalkings, she has home crafts to work on and a trip to make to that little store in the village that sells native american jewelry. The kooky woman likes cats and stuffed animals. She likes things with names like Snickerdoodle, and candles with Dakota scents. She is a homemaker with the soul of a hippie. A rebel with the heart of a school teacher.

You mock the kooky woman. But she does not care what you think. The kooky woman has her “girls” that she will go out with this weekend and have drinks at T.G.I. Friday’s. And they approve of her, and that’s all that matters to the kooky woman. The kooky woman likes to have fun.

You may work with a kooky woman. She owns a coffee mug with Garfield making some clever remark about needing coffee. She has a calendar of babies made up to look like radishes, or perhaps something featuring birds. She has strange, possibly erratic behavior, and can be locked into patterns which are psychosomatic in nature, making it hard for her to deviate from her routine. But that’s fine. That’s the kooky woman’s way.

I’ve done some research, and to my knowledge there’s only ever been one kooky woman properly portrayed in film, and it was Cameron Diaz as Lotte in Being John Malkovich. Messy, animal-obsessed, and always upbeat, she was an inspiration to the modern kooky woman.

Kooky Cameron

Kooky Cameron

The kooky woman is one of God’s greatest miracles. These gentle creatures roam the earth with their unusually tight pink jeans and a fanny pack filled with luck trolls or butterscotch candies. Be nice to the kooky woman. In my many years of studying kooky women, my wife and I have never met one who didn’t mean well. My hats off to you, kooky women. You brighten up my day with your crazy tucked in shirts. This post is for you.


One thought on “The Kooky Woman

  1. Someday I wish to be a kooky woman. What are 20 something soon-to-be kooky women called? Although I don’t like animals… I am pro pink jeans.

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