Polanski Arrested, Could Face Extradition

Roman Polanski

Welcome to Obama’s Justice Department in the age of bullshit change. It’s a shame that Polanski wasn’t into money laundering and tax evasion. They’d have charged his travel agent with aiding & abetting while asking him nicely to come clean and avoid punishment.

From CNN:

Polanski, 76, was taken into custody trying to enter Switzerland on Saturday, Zurich police said. A spokesman for the Swiss Justice Ministry said Polanski was arrested upon arrival at the airport.

He has lived in France for decades to avoid being arrested if he enters the United States and declined to appear in person to collect his Academy Award for Best Director for “The Pianist” in 2003.

The director pleaded guilty in 1977 to a single count of having unlawful sexual intercourse with a minor, acknowledging he had sex with a 13-year-old girl. But he fled the United States before he could be sentenced, and U.S. authorities have had a warrant for his arrest since 1978.

I don’t think there’s anybody who defends his actions, but it’s difficult to listen to the circumstances of his case without feeling ashamed of our justice system. Last year HBO aired a documentary with details of the case, “Polanski: Wanted and Desired” and it was enough to make your blood boil.


6 thoughts on “Polanski Arrested, Could Face Extradition

  1. I agree. My problem is motive. The justice system in this instance doesn’t care about that girl, they don’t care about the crime or the testimony. They’re using a horrible act to play politics and I feel like it undermines the victim as well as the crime. Think of if they had handled this properly to begin with, this would have been dealt with 20+ years ago.

  2. Hopefully. Polanski had worked out a deal with the judge and the district attorney to have a psychological evaluation (this was right after the Manson murders) during which time he was in Chino prison. The details of the full agreement were met preventing his incarceration, however, Polanski was photographed while filming in Europe holding a glass of beer (which the headline portrayed as him off “partying”) and when the newspapers printed the picture the judge in the case didn’t want to seem lenient on celebrities and reneged on their agreement. The prosecutor, the D.A., and the victim have all requested the matter be dropped.

  3. I clearly recall there being nowhere near this amount of outrage over his act when the news broke, during the case, and after he flew the coop. Nowhere near. The victim has since told everyone that she wants it over and we’re forcing her back into it all against her will and we call it justice. When she was still a teen girl, we didn’t bother. How can it be justice now?

    He owned a house he frequently enough occupied in Switzerland. Why didn’t the Reagan, Bush or Bush Jr. administrations go after him with all their neoconservative (all sex is dirty except theirs) moral righteousness or the post-modern feminist (all sex is sociocultural domination) Clinton? They never even bothered. We had this treaty then and it wasn’t used once.

    Yes, this is entirely political. The Democrats were the party of political correctness and then turned a blind eye to Clinton committing sexual harassment and now another Democrat in office is going after Polanski but is entirely dismissive of the very serious crimes committed by his own cabinet choices (a tax evader running the IRS?!). The Republicans had twenty of their own watch to do it except they saddled us with the Meese nonsense and not much else.

    Political, and it’s making a mockery of justice. That’s the stinking thing. The blood boiler is going against the victim’s wishes. Since when is it justice to victimize the victim all over again?

  4. ”A grand jury decided to cahrge him with rape by use of drugs, perversion, sodomy, lewd and lascivious act upon a child under fourteen, and furnishing a controlled substance to a minor.””In an effort to preserve the child’s anonymity, Geimer’s attorney was reported to have helped arrange a plea bargain which Polanski accepted, and, under the terms, five of the initial cahrges were to be dismissed.””He pleaded guilty to the lesser cahrge of engaging in unlawful sexual intercourse, a cahrge which is synonymous under Californian law with statutory rape.”η τυφλή κυρία είναι και λίγο περίεργη όταν (τότε) για να κρατήσει ανώνυμο το θύμα μετατρέπει ένα ποινικό αδίκημα άλλου είδους σε ένα σαφέστερα ελαφρύτερο αλλά ”ηθικά” διαφορετικής φύσης.αν δεν υπήρχε η διασημότητα τώρα δεν θα μιλάγαμε για τον Πολάνσκι, θα είχε διαγραφεί από το χάρτη…

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