In The Zone

I’m polishing up a rewrite that needs to get done. No time for horse-shit shenanigans today. I’m also suffering a viral infection which has me blowing Pollack paintings out of my nose and our internet keeps suffering major outages. Normally I keep this blog by setting everything up to auto-post the night before, but I’ve been hunkered down and I ain’t seen the sun in sixty-six days. Enjoy some stuff around the interwebs…

Transbuddha tries knocking bug-fuck crazy Kirk Cameron down a peg with his latest video.

Bitter Script Reader answers the question, where do all these awful scripts come from?

Joshua James has a rad post on screenplay purchases prices.

Cine-a-Craze is doing a series today on screenwriting courses.

Enjoy the latest revisions to the Daft Punk Console.

The Consumerist posts a rant regarding those stupid HD sunglasses they advertise on t.v.

And if that don’t appease ya, enjoy some ‘Safe for Work Porn’.  An oldie but a goodie. As a side note, did you know that inserting binary into Final Draft causes it to crash? I had no idea. Have a good day.

Vodpod videos no longer available.


2 thoughts on “In The Zone

  1. Blowing Pollack paintings out your nose? That’s fucking USEFUL. To hell with screenwriting, another week or two of that and you’ll be rich and have earned your place with the immortals on Mount Olympus. Done deal.

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