Interesting stuff over at Scott’s Go Into The Story blog (is it me or has that place become the central hub of the aspiring writer blogosphere lately?). This post talks about Steven Spielberg’s encounters with “Paranormal Activity”. Ch-ch-ch-check it.

Camden over at Cine-A-Craze is running a fun little Q&A series this week. Send the man an email and ask anything!

Director Michael J. Bassett has been spending his time at the Toronto Film Festival screening his upcoming Solomon Kane. Read about his adventures here.

The Bitter Script Reader gives HELPFUL ADVICE of GREAT IMPORTANCE on this post about landing that first gig.

The Cold Opening has a post on pitching for television, which has inspired me to finally get off my lazy ass and work on my “Loli Mountain” idea (heh, heh).

Jim Cirile over at Coverage Ink announces the quarter-finalists for the 2009 Writers On the Storm competition, as well as updates on the CSCS Open.

The Spec Market Recap has been posted for 9/15 over at Life On the Bubble.

The Hollywood Roaster reports on Lifetime’s unprecedented sweep of the Emmy Awards, and I don’t know why but something about the way it’s written rings with such an eerie kind of clairvoyance that just makes me feel uncomfortable.

And over at director Toby Wilkins’ blog you can Google Street View the gas station Splinter was filmed at. (fave horror flick this year, btw)


3 thoughts on “Linkage

  1. Go Into the Story is a tremendous resource for screenwriters. It’s a real celebration of the craft, unlike some other ones I no longer visit, isn’t full of a lot of, “You gotta do this, you gotta do that”.

    • Yeah, I like how he does it. It’s engaging and he keeps everything upbeat instead of focusing on how nobody has a chance in hell of making it. I mean…that’s probably true but let us have our illusions, am i right?

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