Query Letters Lead to Backnea

CamdenCarr’s Cine-a-Craze blog is quickly becoming one of my favorite film blogs. The smart-alecky factor is perfect for my taste buds. It’s like the porridge that Goldilocks would have chosen were she a chain-smoking, binge-drinking writer.

He has an interesting post about query letters today.

“One of the most important pieces of advice on query letters I can give is to know your place. Don’t bother sending to the big agencies (ICM) and studios (Universal). It is a waste of time and money, they will not look at your query. Getting your script read by these people will only happen if you are already established, know someone represented by them, or are giving the VP handjobs.”


3 thoughts on “Query Letters Lead to Backnea

  1. Glad you enjoyed the post. I was just checking out your blog (and added on a link on mine). Those fake query letters you send are funny as shit. I was laughing HARD. Hope to receive one some day

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