Theater In The Open Window

Is somebody gonna call the cops?

Residents in the complex were treated to spontaneous theater this evening when my wife and I performed “I Swear I’ll Walk The Fuck Out That Door – What, You Don’t Think I Will? Fucking Watch Me“, a three-act play set in Southern California during the recession and centered around a young married couple whose endless unfortunate financial woes result in all of their worst elements as people being brought to the surface to do battle.

Although most of the plays audience were young children who happened to be using the spa outside our bedroom window, there were some giggles as the thematic elements of regret, despair, and hopelessness gave way to a third act involving the plays male lead lying on the carpet sobbing while Bruce Springsteen’s “The River” played in the background. While most of the plays dialogue, laced with profanity and threatening references to the auto insurance industry, may have gone over the heads of small children it did strike a chord deep within their parents. (probably)

Repeat performances are scheduled for either Wednesday or Thursday, or whenever this world of thieves and goddamn corporate prostitutes tries to screw us again.


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