Specs And The Great 909 Conspiracy

From Life On The Bubble comes this latest spec sale:


By Chester Tam

Out from UTA and The Collective (Sam Maydew)

Log:  Two friends ditch work to attend the final Wu-Tang Clan concert.  SUPERBAD meets GO.

Notes: Tam also directing, Sam Maydew (The Collective) and David T. Friendly (Friendly Films) producing; Josh Peck, Christopher Mintz-Plasse and Andy Samberg attached to star.  The RZA is also reuniting the remaining members for the film’s final musical performance.



Sigh. And just like that, my people are set back another three years. I recall my friend Nathaniel’s description of the United States. “See, ya got Southern California with your Orange County, Los Angeles, Hollywood, and so on. East of that, it’s just San Bernardino until you reach Las Vegas and straight on to New York.” Yep. That pretty much sums it up. I’ve suffered horrible discrimination since moving from the so-called “Nine-Oh-Nine” and into Orange County. The values of my people triviliazed as a culture of shiftless meth-peddling hillbillies. I still hear the stereotypes, “Where’s your dirt bike? How lifted is your truck? Got meth?” And for the most part I blame Fox and their nauseating teenage drama The O.C. One line of dialogue, “Chino? Ew” was all it took for most of us to lie and say we grew up in Brea or West Covina. Tell someone you’re from Chino and immediately they’ll bring up the prison. And sadly, having spent three years delivering pizza there, I could tell them all about it. I can recall the women’s prison, and the ladies inside whose wailing cries are heard throughout the night as they weep for their babies. (I still get gooseflesh thinking about that one). Or the time I got stuck in the parking lot for 90 minutes while the prison was placed into full lockdown because of a riot. (Stupid yardbirds angry because they cancelled “cho-cho” Wednesday or something) Does it make a difference that I grew up in Chino Hills? Do ANY of you even know what the fucking difference is?


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