Such A Sad World

I’ve been feeling depressed lately. The usual remedies aren’t working. There was a time when I could drive to the ghetto, find a couple guys sitting in front of a dilapidated house, roll down my window and using a megaphone scream “you’re poor!”  at them before speeding away. But what’s the point now? We’re all poor.

I had remedies for all of life’s ills. Feeling blue? Throw a frapuccino at a horse. It worked for me one time.  Life’s got you down? Troll a couple Christian chatrooms. I used to imagine all those things that as a child I wanted the freedom to do, like eat a bowl of sugar or shove glass bottles into the garbage disposal, and then do them. It works. At least…it did.

I came across this story: PILOT KILLED TESTING FLYING TAXI.

His poor family. Heh. Heh.

Flying Taxi


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