Rich Snobs Threatened By What You Can Suddenly Afford

I live in the district of Republican Congressman John Campbell, an illustrious figure who fought hard for the TARP bank bailout but fought even harder against the stimulus package, lest the country fall into government-backed “socialism”. So it came as no surprise to run across this Los Angeles Times article regarding his district (I live in the non-wealthy part, he doesn’t really represent our interests). The article details how lavish, five-star luxury resorts in Orange County are dealing with these tough economic times.

I had no idea maintaining a plush aryan utopia was such a tightrope walk, but apparently its tough begging for customers while still holding your nose high in the air. Try being both Marie Antoinette and Wendy the Snapple lady and you feel their pain (that is, if a simple average bum like yourself can comprehend such pain).

“Price cutting is tricky for hotels that on weekends even now can command minimum prices of $600 to $800 a night for vacationers. Cheaper rooms at upscale resorts attract ‘a different demographic,’ as Wise delicately put it — people who hoteliers fear might spend lightly in restaurants, damage the furnishings and perhaps alienate wealthier travelers.”

That’s right. They want money. Just not your money. What’s incredible is that their drop in prices, although “cheap” by their standards, don’t represent the kind of Motel 6 slum rates that one would associate with inner-city welfare demons running rampant as they smash furniture and defecate on portraits of Ronald Reagan. So essentially these aristocrats are afraid that even dropping their rates beneath “wealthy” into “upper middle class” poses a risk of outright chaos.

And why shouldn’t they be worried, right? It’s a slippery slope. Soon they’ll be forced to let black people stay there. And then? Who knows…

It started with a drop in room rates...

It started with travel deals...


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