10 Favorite Spaghetti Western Scores

Ennio Morricone. I don’t think there’s been a name which has had such an influence on film and pop music which has gone so unappreciated (There probably is but for the sake of my introductory sentence let’s just pretend that he’s the only one). I can’t imagine Clint Eastwood riding into town to anything but the haunting, sometimes circus-like music which Morricone scored for Sergio Leone’s “Man With No Name” trilogy. The transitions are unsettling, the sounds dissonant and seemingly random. It’s so distinct you could recognize it playing through a window 100 yards away.

My 10 Favorite Morricone Scores Are…

1. The Vice of Killing

2. Man With A Harmonica

3. Titoli

4. Sixty Seconds to What?

5. The Ectasy of Gold

6. Theme from Companeros

7. Titoli (Fistful of Dollars)

8. Death Rides A Horse

9. As A Judgment

10. The Big Gundown

And how about a non-Morricone? My honorable mention is the lounge-style theme from DJANGO.


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