It’s one of those nights. A case of Red Stripe.  Windows down. Volume up. Sad bastard music for all those trapped in this brick beast.

“Once I wanted to be the greatest…” Yep. Pretty much sums it up.

Incidentally, the comments left on this video have me rolling. These are my two favorites:

“A load of freaks ten pin bowling. Deep.”

followed by

“Wrong. Like these old people, we all have aspirations that we utterly fail to achieve until we accept it and go bowling or some similarly mundane existence.”


One thought on “greatest…greatest…greatest…

  1. It is…deep. I think. I wonder how many strikes there were. Anyway, wordpress says we both blog about Sad Bastard Music, which seems a dubious connection at best, but what the hey, right? Check me out and leave a note if you have a pair 🙂

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