Laziness Resigns Itself

Palin Resignation

I hate this woman on so many levels. I’m reminded of writing workshops where negative feedback is received with “you don’t get it” or “Kerouac didn’t proofread, neither do I.” And then there are those folks I used to work with. Clothes disheveled, pants with the thread pulling apart at the seems, and they would call themselves free spirits or non-conformists. And my favorite group, the hapless “nice guys” who would complain about their lack of finding a good woman, blaming the gender of women whilst being nit picky, taking no chances, and exerting no energy into going places where singles hang out. Laziness excuses itself like Pee-Wee Herman falling off his bike during his final chase out of the Universal lot: “I meant to do that.”

Sarah Palin is a smart woman who embraces ignorance and blasts intellectualism. And it’s no testament to having simple values or a humble upbringing, it’s fucking lazy. And I’m sick of it. She was born with eyes, she was taught to read. Pick up a book or a newspaper you lazy, lazy woman. Here is a person who was given what many thousands of activists, politicians, advocates, and government officials had worked their entire lives for. She was handed the opportunity to act as a running mate in one of the most important elections of the last 40 years, and yet for all the spotlight and all those thousands of supporters she could do little else when standing on the world’s stage except embarrass herself and her state with a smug sense of pride in the fact that she didn’t know a damn thing about her own country or the rest of the world.

She loves America so much that’s she’s ignored its rich history and poignant principles which were the creation of the modern world as we know it. She loves America like the writer at the workshop, who loves writing so much he stubbornly refuses to do any more of it than the bare minimum. Or the silly romantic sap who loves and respects women so much that he considers their friendship treason in lieu of his want for sex.

I think the truth about Sarah Palin is that she never desired power and could give a flying hoot about being president. She was brought into a fold of very wealthy socialites and she became seduced with expensive clothes and fancy dinners. Her want to become vice president was driven only by the lifestyle that very frivolous position could afford her. And so with publishers and wealthy think-tanks knocking on her door she’s choosing a life of luxury where she can be deified and will never have to worry about persnickety reporters with their “point to X on the map” questions.

And in typical slothful form, she’s blaming the media, the tabloids, the government, those darned socialists, and everyone else that didn’t just let her pass and become vice president without vetting and fact-checking. I wonder what kind of a dent quitting in such a fashion makes in that glass ceiling she talked about shattering?


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