I’ve been playing around with Microsoft’s Bing. I’m not usually a fan of Microsoft, but this is pretty damn impressive. And if you’re like me and do a lot of your web surfing while flipped out of your head on cough syrup, this Bing’s for you. It’s not just eerily futuristic, but it’s also extremely addictive.

The maps feature on Bing is what hooked me in. It has the usual road maps and aerial satellite photos, but unlike Google Earth, they added a bonus with their Bird’s Eye viewing. This allows you to scroll around the city from an aerial side view which gives the buildings and streets more dimension and allows you to zoom in with greater perspective. I find myself wandering around places I’ve never been, checking out cities I would never visit, and searching in the more arid locations hoping to see something fucked up like a dead body or a satanic ritual.

To look at the world through this kind of tool is kind of terrifying. Just the broad scope of things suddenly opened up and spread out before you takes your breath away when you think of how many houses, streets, and people are in constant respiration throughout the country, let alone the world. How easily they can broken, stirred to anger, or driven to build makes it seem threatening in an existential sort of way.

I looked up my old neighborhood in Denver and wow, what a demilitarized zone. I know the recession is bad but water your lawns people, please. Oh wait, are those For Sale signs?


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