Shepherd’s Pie

I only meant to spend a week working on my rewrite. It became a six-week challenge that has resulted in near-total fail. It’s sitting at the coverage service for the next two weeks, and hopefully they can provide better insight because I’ve scrambled my god damn brains trying to pick this thing apart. Note to self: NEVER use many people for feedback. An old saying comes to mind, “A camel is how a committee would make a horse.”

I can categorize the three types of feedback I received as Helpful, Pointless, and Absurd. To wit:

HELPFUL: “Character A requires more development. For instance, on page…”

USELESS: “Got confused at some parts, but I was skimming, lol”

ABSURD: “Invasion spec would make for great musical comedy”

I placed my face in the palm of my hands, ponied up a c-note, and sent that ish to get a professional review. It’s not that I think I can break in or that what I wrote was misunderstood, but dammit, not knowing what works and what doesn’t drives me looney toons.

Meanwhile I think I may have stumbled upon a genius formatting change for new writers such as myself. I’ve decided to make an addition to what’s typically placed within the scene heading. I’m going to add a suggestion for set catering immediately after the time-of-day modifier. Check it out:


And while this might seem like a pointless change, surely presumptuous enough to have your spec tossed in circular filing, I think that if a producer were to get past the first few pages without prejudice they would really start to get excited about wanting to make this movie. They’re going to want that shepherd’s pie.

Until we meet again…


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