I’ve long espoused the view that zombie films are children’s flicks for grown-ups (Adult Fantasy just didn’t sound right), where instead of the magical something-or-other that allows the kid to fly you instead have an adult with a shotgun, a big-ass mall, and tons of guiltless murder. Why there hasn’t been a zombie movie set in an office is beyond me, it seems the perfect place to allow one to fantasize about showing up to work with a shotgun without drawing the controversial parallels to half the recent news headlines.

I have thought about the zombie war endlessly, much in the same way that a survivalist dreams about RED DAWN. I have a plan, and it involves bear traps and filling my socks with lug nuts. It makes me sad because it will probably never happen…

Zombie Survival Sheet

Zombie Survival Sheet

It’s never a bad thing to plan ahead! Fill out your own…

Zombie Survival Sheet



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